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Treasury Accounting Portal
Welcome to TAP (Treasury Accounting Portal), the Thurston County Treasurer's online information and reporting system for taxing districts and other local government agencies. TAP allows Thurston County districts to access updated fund balances, detailed cash activity within each fund, and monthly reports.

Fund balances shown on TAP are current as of two business days prior to the current date. Transactions within each fund are shown for the previous three full months through two business days prior to the current date. All transactions shown are based on effective dates. Therefore, any transactions effective after two business days prior to the current date are not shown or reflected in balances, regardless of entry date.

Up to three types of monthly reports (statement, warrants, and property tax) will be posted on TAP at the beginning of each month. While no back reports from prior to January 2013 will be posted on TAP, past months’ reports will remain available once they have been posted.

Redeemed warrant images are available through KeyBank’s online system. To access warrant images, log in to your KeyNavigator account, accessible via the link to the right.

Please direct any questions, problems, or comments to the Accounting Team’s email address or the appropriate contacts shown to the right.
Accounting Contacts:
Ann Lundeen 360-754-4996
Suzette Smith 360-786-5547
Dienna Daugherty 360-709-3007
Raquel Carpenter 360-786-5543
Heidi Brewer 360-786-5143

Investment and Banking Contact:
Nicole Muegge 360-786-5144

Technical Contacts:
Kris Sproul 360-786-5274
Steve Larson 360-786-5546



Mailing Address:
3000 Pacific Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501-2043

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